Ceramic Coating

Protect your cars paint while keeping it cleaner for longer

Wraps Motorsports Ceramic Coating


Regularly washing and even waxing your vehicle can only go so far, and environmental contaminants begin clinging to exterior surfaces immediately after a fresh detailing. Wash, wax, and repeat used to be the best way for meticulous car lovers to protect their vehicle. Now you can do yourself and your vehicle a favor by installing ceramic coating, eliminating the need to continuously apply waxes and sealants. But there are benefits beyond the reduced maintenance too! Ceramic coating is self-cleaning, enhances gloss, and protects from chemicals, UV rays, oxidization, and surface contaminants. Ultimately, this equates to saving money on upkeep and adding to your vehicle’s worth.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Protection from UV rays, chemicals, scratches, stains, oxidization, and corrosion
  • Eliminate the need to wax your car
  • Self-cleaning properties preserve the gloss and shine, keeping your vehicle fit

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